1. "I don’t want to waist another moment in this circus, blindly chasing the monopoly that incapsulates us."

  2. "

    some feel they live in a small world.

    I live in infinite.


  3. "

    to say you were created by a conscience being is a insult to mother Earth. to say evolution isn’t true is arrogance, your mind set is constantly evolving to your surroundings. just like a body evolving accordingly.



  4. "

    don’t be afraid to loose your mind, you’ll never know what you my find.


  5. Awareness


  6. "

    growing older and growing apart. the more I learn the more I separate. I must deconstructing the knowledge to make peace, to only realize we are all one. real’ization is only the beginning to become content, again. it is not about the possessions for they posses me, it is time spent with the ones that can set me free



  7. "you don’t have to numb yourself to the world. you just have to change your surroundings.."

  8. "Don’t waist your thoughts to negativity.."

    Clove ♣


  9. up and down up and down we afloat


  10. we reject too often from fear. rejection causes crave for affection. to only try and be perfection.

    cycle of relationships. all so repetitious, and compulsive.

    namaste. ♣Clove